Feb. 4, 2022

ANTHONY MIGLIORINO - The Peaceful Way to Father Your Children

ANTHONY MIGLIORINO - The Peaceful Way to Father Your Children

Today I am joined by mentor, parenting blogger and coach along with founder of Peaceful Fathers - Anthony Migliorino.

There has over the last few decades been seismic shifts in just how we parent our children, leading some of us to question whether the way we were taught is actually the right way. Caught between being to liberal on the one hand and overly authoritarian on the other parents are beginning to ask if there is another way.

On my conversation with Anthony we delve into:

  • How he discovered peaceful parenting 20 years ago and why the non-aggression principle revolutionised his parenting.
  • The differences between authoritative parenting and permissive parenting and why both of these types of parenting are abusive in different ways.
  • Why using fear as a method of control means that when children grow into adulthood this will be normalised as a way others can influence their behaviour.
  • They hypocrisy around parents telling children not to hit and how they then go to use violence as a means to compliance.
  • Why focussing on what you kids to right rather than criticising and nit picking all the time grows their confidence.

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