Ben Coomber – Becoming a Dad for the First Time during a Pandemic

Sep 7, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Visionary Men

Ben Coomber is a Coach, Educator and Nutritionist and hosts the Number 1 rated Health and Fitness Podcast Ben Coomber Radio.

Having worked with Sky, Bestfit, Mens Health, Bodypower, Virgin Sport and England Rugby over the years he is at the top of his game when it comes to Nutrition, Health and Fitness.

Ben’s Journey is one of personal experience having lost 5.5 stone of body fat, reclaiming his health and building 3 stone of muscle some years back. He is now on a mission to help others and to date has helped 1000’s of people transform their body and mind.

He coaches other coaches, speaks around the world and has won awards for his coaching and contributions to the Health and Fitness industry.


“what is the one thing you could do tomorrow to take you one step closer to your goal”

– ben coomber

ben and I discussed the following in this episode:

  • Some of the challenges Ben has faced since becoming a Dad and running a business during lock down

  • How he has used Meditation during lock down to reflect and switch off from what’s going on

  • Why it’s important to understand and be aware of how you show up as a Dad and the effect it has on your kids.

  • The issue around Dads and smartphones, and whether it’s a habit or a choice? How the Orange Book talks about the ‘concept of banking time’ and why Ben talks about what is more important – your kids or your phone?

  • How going on a journey of self-development before or during having kids is a powerful thing to exhibit to your kids as they begin to grow up.

  • The intention behind, phraseology and terms that you use when speaking to your children and the connotations and meaning they give to your kids.

  • Why Ben thinks we over complicate nutrition and how the industry over complicates it too – everyone seems to be an expert.

  • Ben sees the the starting point as credible information such as www.examine.com, and if you are ever in trouble with nutrition strip it back to basics.

  • Calories are king when it comes to fat loss, and changing habits are a big factor in this – once this is covered nutrition is quite simple.

  • How planning what you are eating is one of the biggest things that people can get their head around and taking an hour each week to sort it through is all it takes.

  • Ben challenges you to be intentional in how you show up, decide how you want to show up and go for it by keeping things simple going into Autumn/Winter to continue your momentum.

  • He asks his clients “what is the one thing you could do tomorrow in order to take you one step closer to your goal”. How he sees people begin to naturally stack habits as a result of this process.

  • If you are not in a good place and stressed don’t do something that is nutritionally or physically causing more stress.

To find out more about ben and how to get in touch with him:

Ben’s Website

Ben’s Nutrition Training & Accreditation Website 

Ben on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter


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