Brian Wood M.C – A Life After Military Service

May 19, 2020 | Vision, Visionary Men

Brian Wood MC, is a former Colour Sergeant, from the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. He is also a Sunday Times bestselling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

Brian was awarded the Military Cross, one of Britain’s highest awards for gallantry in combat, by Her Majesty The Queen II, following his courageous leadership under enemy fire in Iraq.

In the heat of a lethal close quarters battle, fighting outnumbered, he seized the initiative, taking a split-second decision to lead his men into the teeth of enemy fire in the first bayonet charge by British soldiers in 25 years.

Leading from the front, he put his own life in great danger. Under his command, Brian’s men defeated the enemy without sustaining any serious casualties themselves. Their actions that day saved many other soldiers’ lives.

During a 16 year military career, Brian led British troops across the full spectrum of battle from training to fighting; from operations in the Balkans to high intensity combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Throughout his Army career he had to make life-or-death decisions, frequently in hazardous battle situations, usually under great pressure and often against the clock. There is no greater leadership challenge than motivating men to put their lives on the line. To succeed they have to know that you are a meticulous and competent planner and commander who can be trusted with their lives.

Brian’s military experience has equipped him to deliver highly inspirational and compelling sessions, sharing his experiences from the battlefield and suggesting ways that the lessons he has learnt can be applied in the corporate world.

He lives with his Wife Lucy and their two sons.


“Life is beautiful and we are lucky to be here but it’s an incredible demand, it’s a lot of pressure, you get thrown curve balls from all angle’s and if you haven’t been under pressure or up against it then you will do at some point”.

– brian wood

woody’s top lockdown tips 

Limit your intake of news – once a day just for headlines

Limit your intake of social media – watch your screen-time particularly first thing in the morning

Be stronger than the fridge – try not to comfort eat as it becomes habitual

Be careful with drinking – same reasons as food limit it having a clean week

Talking – ensure you get involved with groups and reach out to friends and family

Use your time to achieve – work on projects, goals,

Stay at home – unless you really need to go out *this advice is being revised constantly right now.

brian and I discussed the following in this episode:

  • The importance of being around people who are positive, purpose driven and have vision.

  • Distancing yourself from people who have gotten into a victim mind-set around their lives.

  • How lockdown is allowing parents who have been preoccupied with work during their lives to reconnect with your kids

  • Why lockdown is a good time to get involved with groups, reaching out and talking, sharing your experiences.

  • Brian’s London Marathon training has helped him to drop weight, feel sharper, get confidence, and improve his attitude. How he has adapted his training right now.

  • He has taken these positives from it rather than the negative of the race being cancelled.

  • The bond that is formed in the military and how this is even more so when on operation.

  • The accountability of being in the military and growing from mistakes. The different things and grounding that the military give you as a young man.

  • How the military life translates into life skills required in civvy street.

  • The fear contagion and how you can leverage fear to best effect

  • Why there are some heroic acts in the non-military, bravery in the face of terrorism, front line workers in the Covid-19 crisis.

  • The mind set shift that happened after the first London Bridge attack and how civilians are more likely to take up arms if individuals want to cause harm.

  • The detail of military life and how lack of this in civilian life is difficult – the way to take control of your own life and be patient to figure it out.

  • The attributes that ex-military can bring to any business setting.

  • The issue of accountability in the military and why the society as a whole is lacking in this respect.

  • The Battle of Danny Boy and the fallout from this with the Al Sweady Enquiry, the tough journey Brian went on, the mental battle, heartache and mental resilience.

  • How Brian needed to go and see a therapist over the whole affair, reintegrating into family life and readjusting.

  • Why values, integrity and accountability are so important to Brian.

  • Brian’s life after military, travelling the world, the book, the book being dramatised and speaking to people all over the world. The incredible journey he has been on.

  • His new clothing range Keep Attacking and what those words mean to Brian, the mentality behind it and why it has been so successful.

  • The importance of making your move on things and just go for it, reach out, make those opportunities happen.

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