Chris Ducker – The Lost Art of Delegation and How to Harness it

Feb 9, 2020 | Visionary Men, Work & Career

Chris Ducker is a successful author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur and one of the most influential thought leaders when it comes to building a business based around your personal brand in 2020.

He runs the Youpreneur community which yearly hosts the Youpreneur summit in London which is a weekend event bringing together the worlds experts in personal development under one roof for a whole weekend. He also features these same experts on his podcast Youpreneur.FM

Chris is no stranger to entrepreneurial challenges having faced burnout in 2009 which prompted him to radically change how he operated his businesses and was the start of Virtual Staff Finder.

Chris has featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success, Inc. Magazine and the Huffington post but more importantly is married with children whom he spends plenty of time with having pursued a very different vision for his life post burnout.

“You can’t cut corners, don’t cut corners when you are building a business you gotta be in it for the long game, otherwise you’re are not going to stay in business for any time at all


Chris and I discussed the following in this episode

• The misconceptions about the different types of ‘preneurs’ and how you can risk pigeonholing yourself if you are not careful.

• The evolution of business and how P2P has developed over and above B2B and B2C relationships in developing know, like and trust with your audience.

• Chris’ view of the ‘hustle and grind’ mentality and working 16 hours a day.

• How Chris hit burnout as a result of this mentality in 2009 and why this conceived the virtual CEO plan which ended up in him taking on 8 full time people to help him run his business.

• Why you cannot impact an effective change to your audience if you are burning out.

• How delegation can mitigate the peaks and troughs of doing everything in a small business.

• The FOCUS Acronym Follow One Course Until Success

• The concept of MVP = Minimum Viable Product and tweaking/reviewing along the way.

• The 3 lists to freedom concept in Virtual Freedom (Chris’ first book) and how to compile this list.

• Work life balance and why Chris doesn’t really buy into this.

• The practicalities of using virtual staff and hiring for the role and not for the task, regardless of where they are geographically. You don’t have to hire staff in your back yard, look for the best person possible!!

• The concept of the Superhero syndrome and why someone can probably do most of the things you do (other than your one speciality) but better than you……unless you are happy with what you are doing!!!!

• The time saving and focussed way of running using virtual staff using video conferences on Zoom, Slack, whatsapp groups, trello etc – which wouldn’t be any different if you were all under one roof.

Chris’ top tips to avoid overwhelm

1. Do the list to freedom exercise

2. Follow the FOCUS Acronym

3. Be uniquely unapologetically you at all times

To find out more about CHRIS and how to get in touch with him:




Youpreneur F.M

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Instagram: @chrisducker @youpreneur

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