April 21, 2021

CHRIS WHITFIELD - How to deal with Miscarriage as a Man

Today I am joined by Dad and Founder of the organisation Miscarriage for Men - Chris Whitfield

Miscarriage effects 1000's of women each year and the impact it has on families, relationships and most of all the men that support them through it is not often discussed. This despite the fact that losing an unborn child is a grieving process in the same way as losing any other child.

Chris and I discuss:

  • How Chris originally set up Miscarriage for Men to throw himself into something positive off the back of his wife's recent miscarriage.
  • He realised very quickly that there was nothing for men in dealing with the grief involved in coping with a family miscarriage.
  • Why Chris believes part of the stigma around miscarriage is that people just don't know how to talk about it.
  • The way in which the unresolved grief impacts many other parts of a Dads life and can go on for decades.
  • How as Dads we all visualise the new arrival of a baby and our life with them from the minute we find out its happening.

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Chris WhitfieldProfile Photo

Chris Whitfield


Chris is the CEO and Founder of Miscarriage for Men - an organisation to support Men whose wives have gone through a miscarriage.

He set this up in 2021 after his own wife had a miscarriage.