Jan. 14, 2022

DAD'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT - The Power of Conversations and Friendship

DAD'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT  - The Power of Conversations and Friendship

Today I am joined by two friend (and also Dads) from South East London who liked listening to podcasts, and liked talking so decided to start their own podcast called Dad's Whose Talking - Nathan and Bobby.

One of the most popular misconceptions levelled at men is that they don't talk about how the feel. The reality is that many men do, they just do it in a different way to women and when you get two men together they can wax lyrical on a number of subjects - indeed this episode is testament to that.

We delve into:

  • How the mainstream media has become so sanitized that podcasts and new media are giving people just what they want right now.
  • Why specific podcasts that empower people are very counter to the victimhood narrative parroted in the mainstream media.
  • Role models and how our children will earn money in the future very differently to us.
  • The importance of going on adventures with our children that they will remember.
  • Why some parents really need to grow up and stop being chadults.

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