Dan Fallon – No Bullshit Fitness and Fat Loss for Dads

Feb 23, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Mental Health

Dan Fallon is the author the book Start with one thing: The Dads no BS approach to fat loss and fitness

He is also the founder of the Super You Project which is a fitness community specifically for Dads over 30 with the aim of stopping dads spending hard earned cash on fitness products that get them no long lasting results.

It focusses on Dan’s No BS approach to fat loss and fitness and weaves this together with a community of other Dads to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Dan is Royal Navy PT specialist having spent 17 years in the military, with 12 years as a petty officer physical trainer and 5 years as an exercise rehabilitation specialist

“My military background teaches you to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, i have a cold shower every morning and the only reason i do that is to be uncomfortable because we get so comfortable, you know sofa’s nice warm houses, your cars and I think you can take your foot of the gas quite easily in progressing in life.

– Dan Fallon

Dan and I discussed the following in this episodE

-How Dan’s inspiration for his book came from his own experience of transitioning out of the Navy and other stressful experiences which meant he lost control of his own health and fitness

-The importance of changing the way Dads train after they have had children.

-How not looking after your fitness effected his mental health too.

-Why your working environment can influence your activity levels

-“Energy makes energy” and the myths around metabolism, energy and movement.

-The importance of going slow instead of fast all the time and the difference between your 20’s and 30s in terms of activity levels and recovery.

-Why you will crave carbs and sugars after high intensity workouts.

-Not to go to hard after a long lay-off because it will lead to binging on workouts and food.

-The different types of Dads that Dan has in his Super You community

-How Facebook and Instagram have made it easy for Dads to be sold to and saturated with FREE news feeds around fitness which is making it more difficult to focus on one thing. Dan advises on focussing on strength first.

-Dan does morning walks which burn 300-350 calories, lunch workout with 5 x 5 of presses, or leg lifts, then weekend high intensity workouts. He suggests using your bodyweight for short bursts of exercise throughout the day for 5 minutes.

-Why in terms of diet most people could do a lot worse than simply avoiding the middle aisles of the supermarket.

-Teaching your kids the importance of nutritionally valuable food.

-Why Dan’s emphasis within his Super You community has shifted to calories

-How to calculate your daily calorie expenditure using the Harris Benedict Formula and taking 500 calories off that to achieve weight loss.

-The importance of eating your calories back once you are hitting your weight loss goals to avoid putting weight back on.

-Why you should focus on protein requirements and not worry too much about the remaining percentages of carbs and fats.

-The simple way of controlling portion size if your evening meal if you are a Dad who has an evening mean cooked for them

-Engaging your partner in your fitness journey.

-Why fasting might not be the best idea for busy Dads, and the effect of the hunger hormone

-Why life is comfortable and why being uncomfortable is important to making you feel alive.

-The distinction between being physically fit and healthy and why the two are different.

-How Dan has moderated towards not eating as much meat and his views on health, fitness and longevity.

-The importance of connection in your intimate relationships and how trauma inhibits your motivation and mind-set

-Staying in the present moment and why this becomes so important the older you get

To find out more about DAN and how to get in touch with him:

Website:    www.superyouproject.com

Instagram:   @dan_fallonpt & @superyouproject 

Facebook:    @dan_fallonpt & @superyouproject

Book:    Start with One Thing: The Dads no BS Approach to Fat Loss and Fitness


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