Daniel Berrio Galan – My Wife’s Cancer and Me

Oct 1, 2020 | Mental Health, Visionary Men

Daniel Berrio Galan is a practicing GP in Somerset in the West Country, Husband and Father of Three, and Mindful Self Compassion Advocate at Second Mountain Coaching.

His journey of self discovery began when his Wife was diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Tumour whilst heavily pregnant with his third child.

Their baby boy Mario was born after Daniel’s Wife was urgently induced during an incredibly joyous but also stressful time.

With life taking a very hard turn Daniel’s world was turned upside down. He was forced to challenge his beliefs and ideals, what mattered to him and what would be his true purpose going forward.

He now looks to help and inspire other Men on the same journey using Mindful Self Compassion and other skills to equip them with life difficulties.


daniel and I discussed the following in this episode

  • Daniel’s discovery that his wife had brain tumour whilst heavily pregnant with his third child

  • How his son Mario came into the world after an emergency inducing of the birth

  • The ups and downs and dark moments he went through and his investigation into what could help him get through it.

  • His realisation that conventional help wasn’t helping him and that he could coach himself through what he was going through.

  • He began to challenge his beliefs and ideals in what mattered to him, his family, fulfilment and feeling of purpose.

  • The challenge that having medical expertise as GP threw up in terms of the medical side of the diagnosis.

  • His view on alternative therapies and cancer treatments and how it is a very personal thing based on what you feel works for you.

  • Daniel’s experience of grieving the future life he had envisoned with his wife and his thinking that Men’s reactions depends largely on their background and life experience to that point.

  • How he uses a lot of self compassion to stop him beating himself up.


  • Men’s natural tendency to want to ‘fix’ things and why this can cause massive frustration when some things you cannot fix.

  • The power in switching off from constant worry and ruminating and how this can overwhelm, learning to live alongside stuff that is big.

  • Why the quest for a cure can blind you from remaining in the present moment and know what you are experiencing.

  • How a lot of symptoms he see’s in general practice can be stemmed from emotional paid which he feels can be overcome by Mindful Self Compassion

  • The link between resistance and suffering and how taking responsibility is key.


  • The danger of Men self isolating and shutting themselves off in this scenario.

  • How Daniel has had to reflect on they way in which he shows up for his kids throughout this time.

To find out more about daniel and how to get in touch with him:

Daniel’s Website

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