Nov. 25, 2020

DOVID FELDMAN - How to Build A Great Marriage

DOVID FELDMAN - How to Build A Great Marriage

Today I speak with Family and Couples Therapist - Dovid Feldman

One of the biggest challenges for couples isn't getting married in the first place but actually staying married and putting the necessary work into their relationship to make that happen. Unfortunately for many couples they are simply not equipped with the necessary tools, have not been set a great example by their own parents or have unrealistic expectations.

In todays conversation I delve into the following with Dovid:

  • How marriage is a personal and spiritual journey that goes through different stages
  • Why leadership in marriage has gotten such bad press but why it's an essential thing for me to have.
  • How the sanctity of marriage can be infiltrated by friends and family
  • The change men go through in their 40's whilst married
  • A number of tactics you can use today to transform the tone of your marriage very quickly indeed

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