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Apr 28, 2020 | Mental Health, Visionary Men

Drew is the creator and host of The Anxious Truth, podcast since 2015. The Anxious Truth has spawned a large, vibrant and engaged social media community of amazing humans supporting, inspiring, encouraging and empowering each other to overcome anxiety and fear.

Having suffered with anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and depression several times over a 20 year period, Drew got it together once and for all in 2008.  Since then life has been happy, productive, and “normal” (although we’d all be hard pressed to define normal at times).

For the last 15 years Drew has been active in the online anxiety community, working to use his experience and understanding to help those that are following down the path he’s travelled.  His no-nonsense approach to these problems and willingness to provide direct, actionable advice even when it might not be easy to hear, has established him as a unique voice in the community.

This year he had released his debut book An Anxiety Story which chronicles his own story and upcoming is The Anxious Truth which is a step by step guide to understanding Anxiety, Panic and Agrophobia.

A Dad, business owner hailing from Long Island Drew is uniquely placed to commentate on the real world implications of these disorders.

“Action is the enemy of paralysis”.

– drew linsalata

drew and I discussed the following in this episode


  • The first time he had a panic attack which spiralled into panic disorder, agoraphobia and anti-depressants.

  • How Drew took 30 odd years to get his panic disorders under control

  • Why fear is a key component to panic attacks and how this determines the length and severity of the panic attack.

  • The different levels of panic attacks and anxiety – why use these terms too flippantly in general

  • How the panic and anxiety creates ‘secondary fears’ for certain situations and places.

  • Making a ‘fear list’ and how this helped Drew to desensitise himself to his secondary fears, how the fear reaction is misplaced.

  • The art of feeling fear and feeling unsafe in order to feel secure.

  • Why you brain prioritises fears and can shift one fear in priority of another i.e. heights

  • It gave what Drew was feeling a name for the first time

  • The nature of surrendering to it

  • The concept of detaching your thoughts from reality – Untethered Soul

  • How manipulative your thoughts can be in tricking you into believing they must be acted on, or that they say something about you.

  • The way there is a stigma around thoughts even more so than mental health itself.

  • How Drew feels the mental health conversation doesn’t always allow for negative thoughts with the fixation around positivity.

  • The unique challenges that Covid 19 and lockdown is bringing and how Drew believes that we are all equipped to deal with this.

  • Action is the enemy of paralysis.

  • The information overwhelm of Coronavirus and why there is so much white noise right now, the steps you can take to keep your sanity during this period.

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