Elliott Hulse – Having the Strength To Evolve

Dec 2, 2020 | Masculinity, Visionary Men

My guest today is Strongman, Strength Coach and CEO of Strength Camp – Elliott Hulse.

In a time where there are countless challenges facing young men and men as a whole, Elliott travels the world holding Grounding Camps that use tribal dancing, breathing and active meditation, to help men, break free from self-limiting beliefs. We delve into masculinity, role models, cultural marxism and feminism along with how we as men can evolve to become stronger in taking on life’s challenges

In todays conversation I delve into the following with Elliott:

Elliott’s upbringing and how his own Father was a great mentor and role model to him growing into the man he is today, his non-western upbringing having a big impact.

His turning point in the 4th grade when the system wanted to medicate him because of his energy, he went through periods of self-loathing because he was different, and he didn’t like himself.

When Elliott started his YouTube channel young men started contacting him about women and he was introduced to the Red Pill concept, he educated himself around men and men’s self-development

He identifies the upsurge in feminism and how he says it was hijacked by cultural Marxists to steal votes from men, we delve into 2nd and 3rd wave feminism.

The manner in which BLM has been hijacked by cultural Marxists who Elliott says have no interests in feminism and furthering the women’s cause.

The cyclical nature of life and how life has its dark and light periods, he sees us approaching a dark period of life.

Elliott’s view of abortion laws and how he sees it as murdering of innocent children he cites a figure of 60 or 70 million since the 1970’s.

The different attacks on men chemically, psychologically and emotionally.

He cites plummeting testosterone levels, hormone disruptors, dropping sperm counts, he advises guys to get their testosterone levels checked.

As Elliott is a strength trainer he advocates men adopting strength training techniques, losing fat and fasting.

The issue around sex and how men lose themselves in trying to achieve the validation by having more sex with more women and giving their power to women.

Why pornography reduces men’s testosterone, energy and vitality – the effect of smart phones etc. on this.

How historically men moved away from the world of the mother and were initiated into the man’s world, away from feelings and being rational, stoic and still. In the past there was a place for that energy.

The active meditation is a safe space for men to project emotion, how to allow emotion to trans mutate and pass through you.

Men as consumers instead of creators and value yourself in being.

Elliott talks about the seasons of life and the phases he went through, which occurs every 12 years. He realized that the men he helps typically face this at 24

The concept of stillness and the power of men being still and resting up in preparation for the next phase of life, the up and down cycle of life.

Elliott’s view on cultural Marxism and his view that we have to look to the father in the Judeo-Christian world for guidance. One of his calls to action is for men to return to the father and open up that there is a God and that he is a just and good father that loves you.

Prophets, scripture and teachings from years ago that we can learn from and how we can repent of our ways.

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