Dec. 17, 2021

GRAHAM GOULDEN - The Active Bystander Approach to Violence Reduction

GRAHAM GOULDEN - The Active Bystander Approach to Violence Reduction

Today I speak to Founder of Cultivating Minds UK, leadership and violence prevention trainer, former Chief Inspector in the Scottish Police force and member of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit - Graham Goulden.

With recent well publicised cases of violence against women in the news and also cases of violence being perpetrated by members of police forces on both sides of the Atlantic, right now it's never been such a topical subject.

How as a society we being to challenge the behaviour of individuals within our institutions, organisations and even peer groups in the future is a challenge that needs to be taken up.

Graham and I discuss:

  • How the cases of Sarah Everard and George Floyd have really case a light on police forces but also how organisations allow attitudes to take hold.
  • The importance of men being reflective about their own behaviour and their behaviour in the past
  • How all men can set an example, be a role model and set the tone for masculinity.
  • Why building character in young men is so important and the strength of building a personal brand for young men to live by.
  • The destructive influence of imaginary peers in how boys shape their behaviour towards girls.

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