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Jun 17, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Visionary Men

James Boardman also known as The Man Coach helps Dads to stop existing and start living to rediscover the best version of themselves in life and business.

Having served time in the Royal Marine commandos he served as a sniper and PT instructor deploying to Afghanistan and later helping to train snipers on the Royal Marine sniper course.

The PT side of his role meant James had to ensure that recruits were physically and mentally robust enough to pass the requirements to be a Royal Marine Commando achieving the rank of an acting Sargent.

James suffered crippling PTSD after leaving the Royal Marines which left him in a dark place and lacking passion, drive ambition and purpose. Ready to end it all, he went on a 30 minute run, but it ended up being a 3.5 hour run that would take him on an emotional journey which ultimately saved his life.

Since then he has been transformative journey building two successful businesses with over 400 clients by making the commitment to get 1% better each day.

He has authored a book called It’s a State of Mind to help men going through challenges as he did and hosts the It’s a State of Mind Podcast. He also hosts a daily show called the Morning JB Show and runs free and paid coaching programmes for men.

James is also a father of 3 children himself and lives in Bexhill, East Sussex.

“The weight of regret is the heaviest thing you can carry, i know that from personal experience, i know that from working with 100’s of guys, trust me you might not want to hear it but do not live a life of regret”.

– james boardman



 james and I discussed the following in this episode:


  • How James left the Royal Marines in 2011, which at the time was his dream job but the difficult decision he had to make to be closer to his children and show up as a Dad

  • He found it really difficult to transition out of the forces and this led to his divorce and coming close to taking his own life.

  • The identity crisis that James went through after he left the marines which stopped him from growing as an individual.

  • Why a long run in solitude was what he needed in order to lift the cloud that had fallen upon him.

  • How starting his own business allowed him to grow a new identity, and the new business allowed him to develop new skills as an elite operator in business and life. This is the journey he has been on between 2013 and 2020.

  • He describes being drilled and disciplined from Monday to Friday, and pumped for the learning the process

  • James view on people that are snowflakes, don’t show up and meet him halfway.

  • The two types of people ‘I am gonna’ vs ‘I am doing and finding the reason’

  • How guys need to connect with the mission that they are on in their professional and personal lives.

  • Why James’ mission is to help and make a difference and build a legacy.

  • The place of Dads being role models not just to their own children but all children and young people in society.

  • James’ pyramid analogy around how everyone benefits from Dads being on their ‘A’ game

  • The plan James has for guys being the 3 c’s 1. Consistency of Action (1% a day), 2. Control of time and energy and productivity 3. Clarity of your north star, reverse engineer it and know what you need to do.

  • All of the chaos, when you are clear and have clarity, everything else becomes natural and a habit.

  • 2 things create fulfilment for men: 1. The feeling of growth, 2. Giving back

  • The curse of perfectionism and why you have to get used to things being scrappy in order to make a start on things you want to pursue.

  • Trying to get just 1% better each and every day in order to start to move forward.

  • How the more time you mull things over, you just can’t get it back, the weight of regret.

  • The mental battle of long distance marathons and ultra runs, the mental aspect of resilience in life and the process of challenges and facing them.

  • James view that we need to have an adapt and overcome attitude coming out of the Covid 19 pandemic, control the things you can, and have consistency, control and clarity of the things you have control over.


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