Joe Horton – Introducing Guild of Dads

Jan 18, 2020 | Vision, Visionary Men

To use an analogy most Dads are simply lost in the woods called Life, they don’t need their hand holding like a child but what they do need is a map and compass together with  the support of other Dads who have walked that very same path –  Joe Horton


what i discuss in this episode

I open up about what has led me to start the Guild of Dads podcast and community:

My vision for Guild of Dads and the kind of guests I will be speaking to

The areas of a Dads life I will be discussing and why.

The death of my Dad in 2015 when I was 36 and the effect it had on me

The journey I went on as a result of reflecting on my own life, defining what was important to me and going towards a vision for myself.

That feeling that many Dads have of being pulled along like a passenger in their own lives, powerless to do anything about it.

How I began to see changes in different areas of my life that I could have only dreamed of years before.

The importance of getting together with other men on a similar path.

Why I feel a lot of Dads suffer because their life has no meaning – they have all the things they want in life but something is still missing.

The connection between vision, action and meaning.

Why Dads can make some incredible changes which have a wide ranging impact on their families, relationships and society as a whole to become the men they were always meant to be.

How you can join the Guild of Dads community and start your journey today.


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