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May 6, 2020 | Visionary Men, Work & Career

John Marrone is presenter of the Power of Progression Podcast, speaker and transformational coach having helped many individuals and companies turn their personal and professional lives around.

However, live hasn’t always been like this for John as he grew up in a destructive environment of addiction, jail, violence and homelessness. His epiphany came during a one night when Hurricane Sandy hit his home and he realised how precious life was and how he was lying to himself.

John became a student of the mind and sought out the best in his field to learn from including Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Hal Elrod and Darren Hardy. Slowly but surely he began to impact his own life and the lives of others through his work and began his transformation.

Today Johns life is radically different, on his podcast he interviews amazing guests like Hal Elrod, Lisa  Bilyeu and Trent Shelton, he helps others realise their true potential through his speaking and coaching and lives with his wife and daughter in Florida.

Johns mission is to add value to the world through his story and best practices I have learned from the most innovating and brightest minds in the world.

“i use this scare right now as a big opportunity to align myself with me and the people who i love most and  who love me most”.

– john marrone

John and I discussed the following in this episode:

  • How John fell into the wrong crowd when he was 14 and how he got into partying and drugs. He became an addict and ended up in prison.

  • He went on a journey of self-sabotaging his relationship with his wife as a result of what he had been through.

  • A chance meeting with a sales professional meant he changed his life and his life began to change in small steps.

  • How Hurricane Sandy and realising he didn’t know what he didn’t know was the turning point.

  • How living in the present is where you find your peace, living in the past creates depression and living in the future creates anxiety.

  • The opportunity that lockdown presents at this current moment in time.

  • Why guys who are complaining about being bored and wasting time in lockdown will be those who find themselves on the scrapheap when lockdown lifts

  • How John needed to drop his ego in order to grow and began to seek out people who were doing what he wanted to do, falling in love with the process and taking action.

  • John points out that most people allow circumstances to dictate their habits so join aligns his habits towards his goals.

  • Our results are determined by our actions, our actions are driven off of emotions, our emotions are driven off our thoughts but the route of it are our thoughts and the conversations you are having with yourself.

  • Care what the right people are calling you out for.

  • The concept of ‘cumulative expertise’ and how it works in terms of seeking out the people who are doing what you are doing.

  • The different people that have influenced John on his Journey like Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett and how your quality of life is proportionate to the questions you ask yourself.

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