Jon Vroman – How to be a Moment Maker – The Front Row Effect

Feb 2, 2020 | Contribution, Visionary Men


Jon Vroman is the author of The Front Row Factor: Transform your Life with the Art of Moment Making. Jon is a family man, married with two boys and when he is not with them he is helping people make moments matter and live life on the Front Row.

He is also the co-founder of the Front Row Foundation which he helped create in 2005 to help create Front Row moments for people who are facing life threatening illnesses. This he runs alongside Front Row Dads which is brotherhood of Dads which includes retreats, a podcast, and community to help Dads level up and improve how they show up as fathers.

An accomplished, award winning speaker Jon has been requested at over 750 companies and universities over the past decade having featured on the Today Show and at Inc.com

Not only this but he also hosts the Facing Life and Front Row Dads podcasts.

“Born into all of us is the ability to be emotionally tied to helping someone we may never know

– jon vroman

Jon and I discussed the following in this episode

  • How some people are struggling with purpose and meaning and why finding the right tribe of people makes a massive difference in blending purpose and profit.

  • Why Jon knows that feeling very well having been in that position himself and how having the freedom to say “what’s next”? is very powerful.

  • The generational step change in joining up with others and communicating to make a living in a different, more creative way.

  • Jon’s belief that the most terrifying thing is to live life without purpose.

  • The tendency of people to check out of life and think they will live forever, and why the Front Row Foundation is so powerful in this respect.

  • The mortality factor and why this can really wake people up.

  • Why everyone is different when it comes to background, beliefs and choices

  • How do we want to show up and what impact do we want to make?

  • What really happened at the Jason Mraz concert and how it inspired the Front Row concept.

  • How for 50% of Front Row recipients it’s the last event they will got to with their family and friends.

  • Why the Front Row foundation became a lot more than just the event itself, as the video and photo books became such a strong memory for everyone involved.

  • The effect the first recipient had on Jon personally even though he himself wasn’t the one being front and centre.

  • How Jon wanted to create the life where he was growing and giving at the same time.

  • The importance of sharing rather than indulging ourselves in life.

  • When life stands still in times of trauma and life changing events, and why for Jon each recipients story is different.

  • The story of Sophie and how she had such a profound effect on Jon, the nature of it changing every time he speaks about it, despite him not being too close to the event personally

  • Hope, presence, and celebration, being the core values of the book

  • Why its powerful to recognize the part these things play in being a moment maker.

  • How participation ads to the moment and how to make someone else the rockstar.

  • The power of creating experiences and moments for your children, and the meaning that some ‘things’ can represent and the emotion behind it.

  • Cultivating awareness and enlightenment of the present moment and being more intentional with the conversation you have around yourself.

  • How to a cultivate asking yourself how you want to give meaning to moments of your life

  • Developing the habit of amplifying significant moments to give them meaning.


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