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Aug 7, 2020 | Vision, Visionary Men

Jordan Wylie is a former soldier, bestselling author, extreme adventurer and also one of the stars of Channel 4’s BAFTA-nominated and award-winning shows Hunted and Celebrity Hunted.

As a soldier he saw service in Northern Ireland and Iraq and upon leaving the Army he worked in Maritime Security where he gained recognition for his role in protecting a ship from Somali pirates.

In October 2019, Jordan became the first person in history to row, solo and unsupported across the most dangerous strait of water on the planet (Bab el Mandeb Straits) between the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

Jordan has also successfully completed numerous major charity expeditions, including the highly publicised Running Dangerously, which saw him run through Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, and Barefoot Warrior which involved climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain, completely barefoot!

He has raised over a million pounds for charity and some of his expeditions have been made into documentaries on Sky TV. Since his time in the military, Jordan has battled with severe depression, chronic anxiety and more recently epilepsy, and now campaigns to remove the stigma from people suffering from mental illness.

At the time of this podcasts release he is paddle boarding the entire coastline of Great Britain to raise money in order to build a school for children in Djibouti and Jordan is also a Dad himself.


“i saw so many children  who had lost their families, their homes, they had been  displaced from yemen and somalia and when I went to djibouti  i was gobsmacked by how little these people had, and all the children wanted to do was go back to school”

– jordan wylie on yemen

jordan and I discussed the following in this episode:

  • How Jordan has always been into adventure and why he finds the mountains and oceans so magical

  • The dearth of wise people and role models in society right now, how Jordan understands his values and standards and the message he wants to give out into the world.

  • Why positive action is so important rather than talking about doing stuff.

  • How the world is complex and why we must do our best in what we can do and not worry about others.

  • The different narratives that the media across the world give to people across the world and how this skews our view of the world.

  • Why despite cultural differences, deep down people across all countries want the same basic things ultimately.

  • Jordan’s visit to Djibouti 2 years ago and his realization that all displaced children wanted was an education which is why he is currently raising money to build a school.

  • The indirect nature of Western countries involvement in Middle East affairs, and how when you get an understanding of this you realize the extent of this, for example Somali pirates.

  • How Jordan finds that the impact of the adventures he goes on and the result is what matters to him and having a strong why behind what he does

  • Jordan’s recent diagnosis of epilepsy and how he mitigates risk and manages any other condition or injury in the same way

  • The what can I get, rather than what can I give mindset that many men fall into.

    To find out more about jordan and how to get in touch with him:

    Jordan’s Website

    The Website and Tracker for the Great British Paddle 

    Jordan on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

    Jordan on Youtube


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