Nov. 26, 2021

JOSH CONNOLLY - Find Your Strength Through The Art of Resilience

JOSH CONNOLLY - Find Your Strength Through The Art of Resilience

Today I speak to Resilience & Breathwork Coach, Expert in Humanising Our Emotions, Speaker & Trainer, Josh Connolly.

One of the biggest questions in mental health after stuff like "it's good to talk", "just talk about it", is the reality of what comes next. This is the part when most people really need to face down some difficult truths about themselves and begin to go on a journey, equipping themselves with the tools to move forward.

In my conversation with Josh we discuss:

  • How Josh struggled for a lot of his life by adopting the tough guy persona which led to him considering taking his own life.
  • The manner in which we simply don't teach our kids as a society how to be comfortable with experiencing the full range of sometimes difficult emotions.
  • Why being the best Dad means being comfortable with our own full range of emotions when we are with them.
  • The ability and awareness to 'reflect and correct' situations where we haven't shown up as the Dad and Husband we want to be.
  • The importance of having other men in your life, getting people who will hold you accountable and having a daily self care routine.

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