Martyn Kelland – The Everyday Athlete, Discovering your Why and being a Special Needs Dad

Dec 9, 2020 | Health & Fitness, Visionary Men

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Today I speak to Postman, Personal Trainer and The Everyday Athlete himself – Martyn Kelland

With all the information there is nowadays around Health and Fitness it is very easy to get confused, overwhelmed and swamped by the mass of information. Much of it won’t surprise you is totally without scientific evidence but we get seduced by it. My guest today Martyn is on a mission to help everyday people get fitter, happier and enjoy food on the same time as going on their own personal journeys. He blows out of the water dietary myths on a regular basis and in todays conversation we delve into his own journey, what motivates him and what its like to be the Dad of a child with impaired vision and special needs. 


In todays conversation I delve into the following with Martyn:


How Martyn didn’t really enjoy exercising initially but it became a massive part of his life.

His daughters blindness diagnosis and how the stress of it prompted him to start exercising.

Martin could feel himself getting fitter but it gave him something positive to focus on.

How he was able to raise money for his daughter Nieve’s ongoing care via a Half Marathon, and further money for a blindness charity via running the London Marathon

Discovering his friends daughter Georgia had Retts Syndrome (a rare genetic condition effecting the brain) and realizing that whilst Nieve would get better, Georgia’s condition was likely to worsen.

This is what led to Martyn joining with his Brother in Law to ride 280miles to Lands End and back to Exeter in one go for the Retts Syndrome charity
How Martin felt inside doing something for a worthy cause, but also the battle that went on his own head.

It started his mindset change along the lines of “what can I do next”?
The Everest Challenge he embarked upon in September 2015 up Haytor Vale which was the hardest thing he has done and raised more money for the Retts Syndrome charity.

How his self confidence snowballed and the stories Men tell themselves as they get older about what they can’t do rather than what they can do.
The realisation that some Men come to that gives them the wake up call to make serious changes in their life.

The importance of being in the right environment and how others will sabotage your progress.

How your environment will effect dieting and what you eat Stephan Guyenet – The Hungry Brain

The modern lifestyle and how men and women were a lot more active
How Martyn and his family have navigated the system with Nieves sight problems and pending Autism diagnosis.

Nieves mental age of 6 even though she is 11 which is a challenge in itself.

The frustrating nature of having a special need child for Dads and their natural tendency to want to fix things

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