April 7, 2022

NINA POWER - What Do Men Want And Does This Reflect What We Are All Being Told?

NINA POWER - What Do Men Want And Does This Reflect What We Are All Being Told?

On todays episode I am joined by writer, philosopher plus Senior Editor of the new magazine Compact, along with author of the book What Do Men Want? Nina Power.

Never before has the the spotlight been on men in the way it currently is. What we do, what we don't do, how we behave. A picture is being painted about how the average man acts and thinks but does this ring true with reality? What do men have to say about this? I discuss with Nina just where we go from here and what the future holds for relations between men and women.

We delve into:

  • How Nina was inspired to write the book because of the growing divisions in society between men and women that didn't ring true with her reality.
  • The way in which contemporary feminism isn't anything like the feminism she grew up with in the 90's.
  • Why people are encouraged to put labels on men right now and how the fear around men isn't based in reality.
  • The feminisation of society into a 'mean girls' environment where traditional masculine things are scoffed at.
  • How men and women can live together harmoniously and move away from the infantilised culture that has taken hold.

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