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Fatherhood Matters

As a fellow dad and leading three young kids into the world each day, I have learned one big fundamental lesson. We were never designed to do life alone or know all the answers. This podcast is an excellent resource to shorten the learning curve! Ben Killoy Host of the Military Veteran Dad

Dad needed podcast!

Becoming a first time father throughout these weird times led me seeking a group of dads who would hopefully be helping each other. And then I stumbled upon Joe Horton! Great content for real dads who want to become the best father ever. Thanks for this content Joe! Let’s keep making men heroes

Guild of Dads thanks for what you do

Guild of Dads brings value with their content. Good conversation and easy to listen to. Host has a great voice and as the show grows so will the audience!

Great resource

Only have listened a little bit so far but really looking forward to learning and growing in my role as a father. Appreciate the content and all that the guests have to offer. #KeepRolling

As a dad..:

... this show is ESSENTIAL

Being a Dad is important...

Nice podcast. This is a very interesting topic to which many people probably don't give enough thought. I love it. Go Dads! (says another dad)

Great Podcast

Joe brings on some amazing guests to help fathers step up and become our best selves for our families, our communities, and ourselves.

Great concept

Keep it up!

A great listen for Dads

Great podcast to give you insights and views on being a father and how to be best dad you can be. Podcast intro addresses exactly what the focus of the podcast - spot on.


The dad life is tough, especially if you want to try side hustles. Joe provides great insight and brings on other pops to bring bigger ideas into fruition

Very informative

Joe and his guests bring knowledge and expertise to each episode. This is an awesome podcast for dads!

Awesome Dad Podcast!

Great podcast for dads!!!!

Great show!

Although I'm not a Dad, I absolutely love this show! Joe and his guests have meaningful authentic and deep conversations sure to relate with all listeners (male and female). As a woman, I love learning about what men are thinking and concerned about. I highly recommend subscribing to Guild of Dads podcast. Be sure to share with your friends, they will thank you!