Ryan Sawyer – How to Cultivate Deliberate Awareness

Oct 9, 2020 | Mental Health, Vision

Ryan Sawyer is the Author of the new book CHOICE POINT: Break the cycle of self-sabotage, accelerate your growth, and realize your true potential.


Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach, Certified Q Process Facilitator, Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, Certified Kokoro Yoga Instructor, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and Speaker.


Ryan is a former national champion college football coach, owner of a thriving residential painting company, and a devoted husband and father. Starting long before sunrise, Ryan begins his dedicated daily meditation and yoga practices in the relentless pursuit of his own continued personal transformation.


He is driven to help others on their path to self-realization and unlocking their 20x potential.


“blame has an expiration”

– ryan sawyer

ryan and I discussed the following in this episode:


  • How Ryan’s life changed dramatically after the arrival of his children and him being torn between his dream career and confronting his lifelong anxiety.

  • The way in which as he began to work on himself he then had to confront all the things he had been hiding from up until that point.

  • Why men often find that they reach a point of diminishing returns when chasing things rather than something deeper.

  • How Ryan thinks that everything we do is ‘conditioned’ into our experience and is an old programming.

  • The tipping point at which Ryan had a massive anxiety attack which he had to reveal to his wife Heidi and the effect it had on his relationship.

  • Ryan tried to understand what was happening to him and tried to validate it which led him towards another women.

  • At this point Ryan stripped stuff back to basics and both him and his wife simplified changing themselves instead of other exterior things.


  • How taking responsibility is more about letting go rather than holding onto stuff.

  • This starts with awareness of past behaviours, relationships, beliefs etc which no longer serve us

  • Michael A Singers book The Untethered Soul, and how you can develop your own inner witness and observer through meditation practice

  • The cultivation of a depth awareness & concentration control as an important skill to develop.

  • The commitment and practice of meditation for a long period of time

  • As a Dad the ability to let go of what you want to do in any given moment in order to create space to be present.

  • The power of being present with your kids when doing the most simple of things (which often cost nothing).

  • Why developing an early morning meditation practice is one of the most powerful things you can add to your morning routine.

  • How Ryan writes out how he wants to show up as a father, husband and business man, puts it into a script and listens to it before bed at night.

  • The manner in which people using social media are often speaking to themselves in their content and how this has evolved from pioneers like Zig Ziglar and guys like Les Browne.

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