Sara Davison – How to Navigate your Divorce (and thrive)

Mar 1, 2020 | Mental Health, Relationships

Sara Davison, best known as The Divorce Coach, has created a revolutionary new way to cope with break-ups and divorce. She has combined her coaching skills with her own personal divorce experience to create a unique programme to help anyone battling a break-up. Sara is the best selling author of “Uncoupling – How to Survive and Thrive after Break-Up and Divorce” and is a media commentator around the world on this topic.

An NLP Master Practitioner, with 20 years’ coaching experience, Sara has successfully built and developed a global business and has worked with some of the top names in personal development such as; Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Barefoot Doctor and more.

With a wealth of experience helping others through challenging situations, as well as the experience of her own marriage breakdown, Sara was inspired to open her clinic for clients wanting tailored, practical advice and strategies to help them move forward.

She is also the creator of “Break-Up Recovery Retreats” which have had rave reviews in the media for being “transformational” and “life changing” and have quickly become the new way to cope with a break-up in the UK.

Sara shows people that a break-up is not the end of your happiness and you can move on to an even better life. She gives them the tools to take control of the pain from a break-up and to redesign their whole life just the way they want it. She wants to encourage people to ask for help, and teach people the skills to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Sara has featured in numerous print and TV media such as Stella, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Times, Marie Claire and TV3’s Heartbreak Hotel.


“Kindness and Respect are two things that are lacking in a lot of divorces and it needs to be both parties. You both need to be respectful. 


Sara and I discussed the following in this episode

  • The typical scenario where one partner is slightly further ahead than the other in terms of wanting a divorce and why it’s important to communicate before it gets to that point.

  • The 5 Love Languages Book by Gary Chapman and how this can really help in working out your relationship dynamic before embarking upon divorce.

  • Why changing the dynamic of the relationship can heal the relationship even when seemingly impossible.

  • The importance of give and take, compromise and flexibility and when sacrifices begin to effect confidence, self-esteem and independence.

  • How to build independence, self-reliance and independence in the aftermath of separation and divorce.

  • Why both husband and wife need to take time out time completely off duty from the family.

  • The importance of setting ground rules so that things are amicable going forward into divorce.

  • How keeping things amicable will keep your lawyers costs to a minimum.

  • Understanding your wife’s fears as much as possible which creates understanding.

  • The importance of instructing lawyers who are more conciliatory than adversarial

  • Organisation mentioned in show is NOT Solicitors Family Law Association any more but Resolution.

  • Why you should be careful who you surround yourself with during your divorce, who isn’t too emotionally involved.

  • Thinking about the end result of your actions which could be judged by a courtroom in the future.

  • Establishing healthy coping strategies and why role modelling good behaviour can set a good tone for your children going into their adult years. Why the way you deal with it has an impact on your children.

  • The importance of being fully independent in your own self-identity before embarking on another serious relationship or second marriage.

  • Embarking on new relationships and the things you must have going forward.

  • The role of honesty and making it clear what your boundaries are.

  • Why boundaries are important in any relationship and the difficulty of re-establishing them once conceded. 


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