Tanner Guzy – Embracing your Masculine Style as a Dad

Apr 14, 2020 | Style, Vision

My guest today is Author of the book The Appearance of Power: How Masculinity is Expressed Through Aesthetics and Founder of Masculine Style – Tanner Guzy.

Tanner’s teachings are radically different from the standard concept of catwalk fashion and he interweaves the concept of style being an intrinsic part of how a man can improve their life and be treated by the world around them. His focus is on educating men just like you in how to cultivate their own unique style which is tailor made to their surroundings they operate in, context and the wider way in which society operates.

“people are afraid of formality because formality requires sincerity and I think in a lot of ways people are afraid of sincerity because you are a whole lot safer if things can be ironic, where if you never take yourself or anything else too seriously where you always leave this back door open of, “i’m joking, it’s not that big of a deal man, it doesn’t matter”, it’s safer to joke and be insincere than commit to something.

– tanner guzy

tanner and I discussed the following in this episode

  • The two extreme scenarios that men face of I don’t care how I look vs how can we make men’s style more androgynous

  • How people are trying to be different in an attention seeking way rather than to embrace a form of their own style.

  • The link between sincerity and formality, and why formality is important on certain occasions.

  • How certain European countries embrace an effortless style which compliments both masculine and feminine, the way in which it creates an aura in relationships.

  • The challenge of shopping for guys and why finding the right fit often makes it more daunting than it needs to be.

  • Tanner suggests recalibrating your mindset around your appearance and recognising the difference between fashion and style.

  • Why you should align your overall style with the vision you have for yourself in other areas.

  • The surprising way that both sexes react to you when you take an interest in your fitness and appearance.

  • How a man’s aesthetic goals are different to a women’s in terms of the message they want to convey to the world.

  • Letting go of the idea that in order to dress well you have to dress formally, being able to find the right resources for the look you are going for, and how you will achieve it.

  • Knowing what your strategic objectives are before adopting a tactical approach to your style.

  • The Golden Ratio in terms of dimensions, Da Vinci’s the Vitruvian Man and how this relates to your style.

  • Why you shouldn’t dress like your son or keep dressing like you did in your 20’s when you are in you 40’s. What this says about you and the stage of life you have transitioned to.

  • Dressing appropriate to the occasion and context to where you are going, what you are doing and the expectations.

  • How everything else you are doing fits within that context i.e. wearing sliders to go to the shops after going swimming

  • The changing nature of style and aesthetics.

To find out more about tanner and how to get in touch with him:

Website: www.masculine-style.com

Tanner on Instagram

Tanner on Twitter

Tanner’s Book The Appearance of Power on Amazon


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