I Reveal to You A Proven Blueprint Which Will Show You How Dads Just Like You Can Rediscover Your Purpose, Get Back Into The Driving Seat Of Your Life, And Start Your Journey Towards Becoming The Man (& Dad) You Always Wanted To Be

….Starting Today


About the Things In life That Really Matter To You And Why They Matter So Much


About What Has Been Holding You Back Until Now And How To Overcome It


To Start Making The Necessary Changes to Put You First Instead of Everyone Else

Discover The 3 Pillars Of Guild Of Dads Which Help Men Like You Go From Feeling Worthless, Stressed And Fearful To Energised, Fulfilled And Valued By All Those Around You. You Will Discover How To Show Up In Your Professional & Personal Life Like Never Before In Your Best Ever Physical Shape.

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Pillar One: VISION

You Will Learn How To Craft A Vision For Yourself That Is Deeply Personal To You And Only You Using A Number Of Tools Which Will Tap Deep Into The Burning Ambition You Have Inside.

Pillar Two: ACTION

With Lack Of Action Being The Biggest Killer Of Most Men’s Dreams You Will Find Out How To Flip This On It’s Head, Start Moving Today And Systemise Your Progress From Day One

Pillar Three: MEANING

Put Simply Many Men Nowadays Are Living Lives Bereft Of Meaning And This Has A Catastrophic Effect On Their Lives Which Lack Purpose, And Fulfilment To Boot. Find Out Why Vision And Action Are Intrinsically Linked To Man’s Very Existence

*Plus Special Bonus Material* 


How To Avoid The Curse of Perfectionism


How To Fine Tune Your Progress By Using The Power of Continual 'Review & Refine'


How To Keep An Eye Out For Those Looking To Sabotage Your Progress


The Four Key Areas You Can Focus On Right Now, To Change Your Life For The Better

Joe Horton


I am a married father of two girls from West Sussex.

In 2015 I lost my Dad suddenly and my business was almost sunk by an unpaid debt which threatened to end the company after 35 years. That year……..2015 brought me to my knees and I used to wake each day feeling like life was living hell – it seemed never ending.

I got through it and started to reflect and ask myself some questions about what I really wanted from life, and in the past 5 years I have set about making some amazing changes. 

You may doubt yourself right now, and wonder if you have it in you. However, mark my words you have more strength, resolve, fortitude and greatness within you than you can ever imagine. This book will help you if you put in the work like I did and just make a start. 

All I ask is that you get up show up and start up.  

*This book is totally FREE, no gimmicks, no tricks just pure value and everything I know, which I want you to know too*

Let’s go!!!

Joe Horton

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