Jan. 28, 2022

ZAC SMALL - The Power of Digital Brotherhood in the Modern World

ZAC SMALL - The Power of Digital Brotherhood in the Modern World

My guest today is author, Veteran, and Co Founder of the private Men’s group the Fraternity of Excellence creator of The Family Alpha blog, an co-host of the Oak and Rock Fatherhood Show - Zac Small

Dads now can connect more easily online than ever before, yet many are still isolated, depressed and detached than ever before. However there are a growing crop of men who are unifying men together in online and offline communities more than ever before, at the same time as galvanising them into brotherhoods which are creating better, more capable and present fathers.

In my conversation with Zac we discuss:

  • The choice we have over what aspects of our own dads we want to retain or reject
  • How we are the first generation to have one foot in the pre and post digital era's and why this impacts being a father
  • Why society seems to want to disempower men right now rather than empowering them
  • How life is short and we need to appreciate the present moment and the fact we might not be here tomorrow
  • The challenge of how to engage men's problems as men naturally do, rather than approaching men as broken women.

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